Code of Conduct

To get any progressive movement on the issue of ending prohibition of cannabis in Tuolumne County was literally a pipe dream. Decades of prohibitionist trauma brought fear and anxiety to our community, and polarization on the subject was extreme. It also didn't work! For years, hostility was only met with more hostility, tabled issues and non-action, many embarrassing court cases, broken families, and unsafe and unreasonable access for patients. We needed a new operational model to unify a scattered movement. 

To be honest, we didn't really think it would work, but we acted as though it was possible, even probable. The bold nature of being natural born rule breakers helped us; even when we doubted our own efforts, we did it anyway. And, surprisingly, we were met with openness, curiosity, and ultimately, a great victory for safe access in Tuolumne County. We successfully changed the tone of the conversation about cannabis. We have found our grace and our courage. We ask that you join us in upholding these principles:

Respect & curiosity

  • Give the kind of respect we hope others would give to us, even if they do not do the same.
  • Focus on the quality of the conversation rather than the desired outcome.
  • Know--and use responsibly--the power of your words.
  • Curiosity will lead to understanding of different perspectives; ask questions.
  • Demonstrate empathy with sensitive understanding; the favor is almost always returned.

fearless pursuit of community

  • Offer vulnerability and integrity and it will be returned by others.
  • Be brave even if you are brave especially if you are afraid.
  • Humanize ourselves as community members by sharing our raw and beautiful story.
  • Take responsibility for our shortcomings and help resolve industry related issues.
  • Find common ground and stand together; we can unite from different backgrounds.

integrity in action

  • Be as clear with the known facts as you are with your future vision.
  • Share what you know, and know intimately what you share.
  • Consider the whole community, not just the industry.
  • Bring solutions, not more problems.
  • Always, always, do your very best.