Medical Patients

Thanks to the ordinance that was passed in March 2016, medical cannabis patients can now grow their own cannabis plants in the unincorporated area of Tuolumne County (everywhere that is not red).  A lot of work went in to negotiate for patients' rights in this ordinance on behalf of TCA and the community at large.  In any negotiations, there were some compromises, so please read carefully the information below that governs who, where and how we grow our own.  Some of the basics are written below with supportive links listed, but for a simple break down check out this chart and if you desire the full text of the ordinance, click here.


Doctor Recommendation

All patients must have a doctor's recommendation for medical cannabis in order to grow their own plants.  You must have this on site to present in the event of inspection.

If there are two patients growing on the property, one of them must be a full-time resident.

All patients who want to be exempt from sales tax at dispensaries must file with the Tuolumne Public Health office.


Plant count allowances

Outdoors: Patients are allowed to cultivate up to 12 plants per patient, up to 2 patients per parcel, with a maximum of 24 plants.  The garden must be enclosed by a 6 foot opaque fence no closer than 25 feet from any property boundary.

Indoors:  Patients can cultivate up to 24 plants within 50 contiguous square feet in a secure room.


Rent or own property

If you rent your home from someone else, you must have a letter written and signed from your landlord giving you permission to grow on their property where you reside. You must have the landlord's signature notarized, and have this on site to present in the event of inspection.