TCA Emergency Meeting - BOS to reconsider ban

Join us for our emergency meeting next Monday! This meeting is open to both members and non-members alike. We have a lot to catch up on and want to include everyone in the cannabis community as recent events impact us all.

It's been a hell of a week for everyone in the Tuolumne Cannabis Community. The Board of Supervisors meeting last Tuesday rocked our world and brought a paranoia and stress back in the gardens peppering our foothills that we haven't seen since 1996. The sheriffs office Instagram echoed this by posting a photo from CAMP as a throwbackthursday. This was not cool timing at all, and yes, I hear you. Each and every one of you.

I wanted to reach out to all of you personally in a way that would inspire hope, but to do so without a solid strategy would be false leadership. These sorts of things take time and coordination with the TCA board, and patience on part of those in the community looking at us for direction. And I thank you for that. To have your trust to do diligence in times like these is heartening.

It is with a happy heart that I assure all of you that we are still moving forward despite this blunder that feels more like a threat. In an era of pendulum politics, the only thing we can do to find a third way is to ride the pendulum and search for common ground. There we can meet any opposition and better understand one another.

I encourage all of you to keep in the collaborative spirit of TCA's style of advocacy despite what seems to be politically adversarial. No compliant grow will be raided this harvest season; the current ordinance is still active. THERE IS NO BAN ON OUTDOOR CULTIVATION. 

We never said it would be easy or comfortable; nothing worth the effort in life rarely falls in our lap. But this community is courageous and tenacious, so it should come as no surprise when I ask all of you to hold fast as we get through this transitional period from prohibition to regulation. We are still on our way!

If you are still upset and concerned about going to the podium red-faced and fuming, give the Code of Conduct a review. You may find the support you need there if you can not attend the TCA meeting.

We will send another newsletter before next Tuesday's BOS meeting. This will include a summary of the TCA meeting, recommendation of ordinance repair, the BOS agenda, and an action item list for those of you who want to participate in the BOS meeting but can not attend in person.

We will also have our fresh and fancy t-shirts fit for wearing to town for sale. Bottled water will be provided courtesy of our kind hosts, Motherlode Hydroponics.

If you are not a member but feel compelled to support the efforts of TCA, there will be a sign up table and a friendly volunteer who will help you get started.

Kira Tucker
Executive Director
Tuolumne Cannabis Alliance

Changes to personal cultivation ordinance in the works

The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors requested the advice and expertise of the Marijuana Working Group to assist them with education and decision making for personal and commercial cannabis issues. This morning, the Board of Supervisors chose to ignore entirely the recommendations made by the MWG and to force personal cultivation not only to reduce in number to six plants per residence, but also to be forced INDOORS ONLY. This is a huge mistake and TCA does not support this kind of draconian policy switch. 

PLEASE NOTE: the vote carried and staff are directed to draft an ordinance reflecting this, but it is not currently active. There will be board meetings to make this recommendation final, and we intend to make a large demonstration at any and all meetings. 

We would like to offer an emergency meeting open to members and non-members within the next week. Announcement of such meeting will be coming soon.

Members-only Meeting next Monday

Monday August 14th
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Motherlode Hydroponics Annex
805 CA 49 Sonora, CA 95370

Join us for our very first members meeting next Monday!

Long anticipated--and we appreciate your patience--we have finally found the right space for regular meetings in partnership with Motherlode Hydroponics. The Annex is a gallery-like space at the end of the building opposite the store on Stockton Road.

TCA board of directors and executive director Kira Tucker will be leading the members only meeting. Agenda topics will be available upon entry of the meeting; some are listed below.

If you are not a member but wish to support the efforts of TCA and join us at the meeting, there will be a sign up table and a friendly volunteer who will help you. We will also have our fresh and fancy t-shirts fit for wearing to town for sale.

This meeting is strategically scheduled the day before the county MWG meets with the Board of Supervisors. It could very well be a turning point in discussions on commercial licensing. It is imperative that we unite in a strong show of support for progressive policy making. Here is the info for that important meeting:

Special appointment meeting with MWG at BOS meeting
Tuesday August 15th, 1:30pm
4th floor, BOS chambers
2 S. Green St. Sonora, CA 95370

Agenda for the meeting can be viewed here.


Join us in support of strong, progressive policy.

This members only meeting will be addressing the following points:

  • Summer update on county and city Marijuana Working Groups.
  • Preview of special BOS + MWG meeting to be held on Tuesday.
  • Current strategies being evaluated by TCA board of directors.
  • Membership benefits update.
  • Members Q&A session.
  • Location: 805 CA 49 Sonora, CA 95370.
  • Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

If you need a green shirtUTLTRN is now vending them on behalf of TCA in their shop downtown. As we have a new design, the remaining shirts in limited sizes are half off and collector's items from our first era as Ban Killers.

New shirts are now available there for $20. Check UTLTRN out, buy a shirt, a local band's album, some business cards, and give Zac and Mindy a high five for being rad and supporting the cause.

Thanks for reading, and we will see you there!
-Tuolumne Cannabis Alliance

Out of The Woods: A membership drive and FUNdraiser

We finally got our act together. Found a friendly lawyer, some helpful local government staff, and made some smart moves. We are ready to make our public debut as an industry mutual benefit non-profit corporation!

Please join us Saturday June 3rd from 1pm-9pm at the historic Sonora Opera Hall for informational talks, panel Q&As, policy updates, demos, networking mixer, and a whole lot of Tuolumne County style fun. Like any other local event, you can bring the whole family.

As we support compliance under regulations, there will be no cannabis or cannabis infused products for sale. No smoking of anything will be permitted inside our outside on Opera Hall premises. Stay tuned for a festival FAQ to be posted over the weekend.

If you would like to volunteer for the event or book a booth space, we will be posting a form on the website next week.

TCA-OutoftheWoods webversion.jpg

County Cannabis Working Committee

After a year--and we commend your tremendous patience--the cannabis ad hoc committee has finally been appointed! Kira Tucker is honored to have been chosen as an industry representative advocating for regulatory policies in Tuolumne County. In the interim between now and the first committee meeting, she is crafting strategy, power networking, and developing a policy stance to best serve the needs of the local industry for a sustainable future in cannabis. Group meetings and surveys will facilitate the inclusion of your regulatory input. She asks for your continued patience during this time of development, and for your contribution to the process when the time comes. Announcements will be made in future newsletters as well as the website.

The first meeting for the county ad hoc committee will be on April 12th at 1:30pm. These meetings are similar to a regular board meeting where there will be public comment on the issues brought to the table, and as such, we highly encourage your attendance and participation. If you want a refresher for positively engaging in these meetings, please review our newly revised (and highly simplified!) Code of Conduct.

If you can not attend the meetings and want to voice your concerns about cannabis regulations in Tuolumne County to Kira, please use the form on the contact page to send her an email.

Planning Commission Meeting Tonight 6pm


Tonight at 6pm Planning Commission meeting in Board Chambers, 4th floor of 2 S. Green St. Sonora, CA 95370

The cannabis agenda is to review the re-drafted ordinance to include language prohibiting commercial cannabis activity in the county.  Please note that the language regarding our current growing permissions for personal medical cultivation HAVE NOT CHANGED.

The proposed express ban can be read here:

The TCA think tank (soon to be board) has conceded the need for an express ban on commercial activity because AUMA does not included permissive use legalese like MCRSA; if it is not banned, it is loosely allowed and we do not have any regulatory structures in place to license, monitor, or tax commercial cannabis businesses.  There is an ad hoc committee yet to meet for the purpose of deciding what those regulatory structures will be for Tuolumne County.  This is essential for any cannabis business owner to get in the running for the state licensing slated to start in 2018.  We need local laws and permitting to be state compliant.

HOWEVER!  There is NO sunset date listed for commercial cultivation.  The ad hoc committee has been put off for almost six months now, and there is concern in the community that the board is merely trying to run out the clock with inaction. We need a deadline to force the board of supervisors to act and get an ordinance voted in ASAP.  We also need to insist that the commercial cannabis ad hoc committee meet in January right after our new Community Resources Agency director is sworn in to his office. We have a lot of work to do to get it right, and we need to start now.

Bring your story of how your business can not move forward until we have our commercial ordinance.  Share the nature of your investment potential and how cannabis can impact Tuolumne in a positive way.  Tell the commission your concerns of ensuring that the local government to step up to the plate and perform its sworn duties.  

Please come to the meeting in your green TCA shirt, or if you can’t attend in person, email your position and ideas to the CRA here:


Very Important Petition to the Governor - Cannabis Cottage Industry Licensing

Hello everyone!  

Please take a few seconds of your time and sign the petition for AB 2516 linked below and be sure to SHARE with all of your friends, especially those who are not yet a part of TCA.

If passed:

"AB 2516 will create a new medical cannabis cultivator license category for 'micro farmers.'  ...The new license type 1C, or specialty cottage cultivator license, will be available for farms with 2,500 square feet or less of total canopy size for mixed-light cultivation, up to 25 mature plants for outdoor cultivation, or 500 square feet or less of total canopy size for indoor cultivation, on one premises."

Sound familiar?  Those of you able to cultivate 24 plants on a parcel in Tuolumne right now could potentially become legitimate licensed cultivators not only locally, but at the state level.  Our current local ordinance uses the plant count standard for personal grows, but in order to be considered a commercial grow on the state level, it will need to be amended to cope to the state law.  

Remember that our current ordinance governing cultivation is a placeholder ordinance, not the final form that is state compliant.  If you have reviewed the MCRSA licensing breakdown for cultivation at the state level, our current garden maximum sizes (12 and 24 plants per one or two patients) are not state compliant because there is no definition of canopy space limits based on square footage.  MCRSA compliant patient grows are limited to 10'x10' per person, 5 patients per parcel maximum, and local control can only whittle these numbers down, not up.  The next level up jumps to 5,000 square feet (to visualize, 50'x100' is 5,000 square feet) for commercial cultivation.  In order to make sure our grower culture is preserved as best as possible through the bridge to regulatory processes, please sign this petition now, and share with everyone in your network.



TCA Townhall Meeting

Next Sunday, 6-8pm at the Gypsy Shack in East Sonora, 

13681 Mono Way, Sonora, California 95370

Many announcements to make about the future of TCA. After meeting with a cannabis lawyer and the California Growers Association, there will be a lot of information to hear about at the next meeting.  Please join us for a cider and a chat.  We will be passing the jar around for contributions towards the TCA website, start up costs for printing banners, and t-shirts, as well as the large fee associated with filing for non-profit status.  There will be TCA stickers available to all members who attend the meeting, and pin back buttons available for purchase for future use at BOS meetings, community gatherings, farmers markets, and wherever else you want to proudly display the TCA logo to keep the conversation about cannabis going in a positive direction.

Please note that the GypsyShack is NOT in Jamestown anymore, it is in East Sonora next to the Junction Shopping Center.

Welcome to the next evolution of TCA!

Here it is, in all it's almost finished glory...the official website for Tuolumne Cannabis Advocates!  Not all pages are fully functioning yet and there might be some kinks to work out...The donation button doesn't work until we get our non-profit status and bank account...but soon you can digitally make it rain on the advocacy to help us continue to get the good word out about cannabis in Tuolumne County.