Very Important Petition to the Governor - Cannabis Cottage Industry Licensing

Hello everyone!  

Please take a few seconds of your time and sign the petition for AB 2516 linked below and be sure to SHARE with all of your friends, especially those who are not yet a part of TCA.

If passed:

"AB 2516 will create a new medical cannabis cultivator license category for 'micro farmers.'  ...The new license type 1C, or specialty cottage cultivator license, will be available for farms with 2,500 square feet or less of total canopy size for mixed-light cultivation, up to 25 mature plants for outdoor cultivation, or 500 square feet or less of total canopy size for indoor cultivation, on one premises."

Sound familiar?  Those of you able to cultivate 24 plants on a parcel in Tuolumne right now could potentially become legitimate licensed cultivators not only locally, but at the state level.  Our current local ordinance uses the plant count standard for personal grows, but in order to be considered a commercial grow on the state level, it will need to be amended to cope to the state law.  

Remember that our current ordinance governing cultivation is a placeholder ordinance, not the final form that is state compliant.  If you have reviewed the MCRSA licensing breakdown for cultivation at the state level, our current garden maximum sizes (12 and 24 plants per one or two patients) are not state compliant because there is no definition of canopy space limits based on square footage.  MCRSA compliant patient grows are limited to 10'x10' per person, 5 patients per parcel maximum, and local control can only whittle these numbers down, not up.  The next level up jumps to 5,000 square feet (to visualize, 50'x100' is 5,000 square feet) for commercial cultivation.  In order to make sure our grower culture is preserved as best as possible through the bridge to regulatory processes, please sign this petition now, and share with everyone in your network.