Cannabis Survey & The Road to Regulation

Happy Harvest!

It's been a beautiful and bountiful season in the Sierra Foothills this year. The warm and dry days have kept the sinsemilla blooming long, and the cool evenings have brought that favored fall foliage color out in our gardens.

While we recover from the beloved labor of harvest, we turn now to the road ahead in Tuolumne County. Can we possibly be ready to be regulated at the turn of the year? Skeptics abound and rightfully so. Despite this, we at TCA have strived to continue working together with county staff and supervisors to develop regulations that work.

What is the next step? We need to know where we stand before we take a step in any direction. And that is why TCA has created a survey to collect totally anonymous but very specific data from all of the cannabis community. This data will paint a more clear picture to TCA and to the county board of supervisors about how people currently grow, and how people want to commercially operate.

I need you all to know how important a role this data could play in the development of an ordinance. Surveys like this can aid in the process of regulatory considerations. It could make or break zoning designations, the line that divides who can commercially operate and who can not. It is imperative that ALL of you participate. And please share this survey with friends who may not be on our mailing list!

The survey is only ten questions long. It should take the average person less than 2 minutes to answer. We at TCA know how important growers' safety and security is because we are growers too. Therefore, all answers are SSL encrypted and recorded anonymously--we even limited the survey programming to not collect IP addresses. Even we won't know who you are. 

Please take the survey NOW so we have information to present at the upcoming BOS + MWG meeting

Also, check the bottom of this email for the next TCA Open Meeting coming up next week.

Kira Tucker
Executive Director