County Cannabis Working Committee

After a year--and we commend your tremendous patience--the cannabis ad hoc committee has finally been appointed! Kira Tucker is honored to have been chosen as an industry representative advocating for regulatory policies in Tuolumne County. In the interim between now and the first committee meeting, she is crafting strategy, power networking, and developing a policy stance to best serve the needs of the local industry for a sustainable future in cannabis. Group meetings and surveys will facilitate the inclusion of your regulatory input. She asks for your continued patience during this time of development, and for your contribution to the process when the time comes. Announcements will be made in future newsletters as well as the website.

The first meeting for the county ad hoc committee will be on April 12th at 1:30pm. These meetings are similar to a regular board meeting where there will be public comment on the issues brought to the table, and as such, we highly encourage your attendance and participation. If you want a refresher for positively engaging in these meetings, please review our newly revised (and highly simplified!) Code of Conduct.

If you can not attend the meetings and want to voice your concerns about cannabis regulations in Tuolumne County to Kira, please use the form on the contact page to send her an email.